The Unchanging God and Our Worship


I’ve been slowly plucking my way chronolically through the Old Testament and this has been the richest journey yet.
In my early years as a believer, I somehow saw the God of the OT as different than Jesus. He was strong and powerful, and He didn’t care too much for sin. Jesus seemed accepting, loving, and like a cool older brother who took care of grumpy Dad.
But what a misconception!
Jesus was always in perfect agreement with the Father. He only did what the Father had Him do and He only spoke what the Father would have Him speak. The Father is full of grace and compassion and Jesus detests sin and will come again in judgement.

When it all clicked for me, the OT came alive like never before. Yes, we are under a new and better covenant, BUT God does not change. I can learn so much about His desires and His heart from studying the OT as well as the NT!

In Deuteronomy, Chapter 12, Moses instructs the Israelites not to worship the LORD their God in the way of the pagan Canaanites. They were instead to worship Yahweh where and in what manner He would prescribe.
What does this tell me about God?
He desires us to worship Him according to what His Word shows. As a believer, it is not acceptable for me to look to and use pagan ways of worship, stamping Jesus’ name on those practices.

So I’m asking myself, what is shaping my view of worship?
Of prayer and meditation and study and Sunday morning gatherings?
Is it the culture?
Is it other religions?
Or is it the very Word of God?

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