More On Math: Supplements To Our Curriculum

Yesterday I talked a bit about how we do math in our homeschool. Today I want to dive into the specifics we use to supplement our Teaching Textbooks curriculum.

I’ll highlight my two favorite fun resources and then do a quick run down of the rest. If variety is the spice of life, our math time is definitely well seasoned.

One of my passions is to make learning as fun as possible for my kiddos. My desire is for them to LOVE learning and to be passionately curious, life long learners. I try to choose resources to aid in the achievement of this goal.


The Sir Cumference Series: A Math Adventure, by Cindy Neuschwander ( is such an engaging way to teach somewhat complicated math subjects. Set in the middle ages, Sir Cumference goes on quests involving mathematical predicaments and uses equations to solve his problems. The illustrations are eye catching and the storyline is interesting enough to hold the attention of my ‘tweens.


Learning Wrap Ups ( are great for in-the-car schooling. We have two sets of multiplication and division wrap ups and my kids love to practice on them. Learning Wrap Ups solidify math facts just as well as flash cards and feel more like a game, especially for tactile children.

Mathalogical Liar Game by Edupress: (
A fun, quick whodunnit game of crime mysteries. Each player draws an alibi or two. The alibi using faulty math in their explanation is the guilty party! Children do mental math and then read their alibis aloud, deciding whether they are guilty or innocent.

Fractions Are As Easy As Pie:
Children spin the wheel and try to build a whole pie using fractioned slices. This vintage game is so simple, but surprisingly, it had us totally excited and adding and subtracting fractions like pros. I couldn’t find a link for purchasing the game (mine was second hand) but Games For Learning had a similar diy version here-

Brain Quest Math:
We are HUGE fans of everything Brain Quest and their math skill builders are no exception. We keep them in our car for when boredom strikes. Math related questions are on the front of the cards, and the answers are on back. Kids can go through them on their own or quiz siblings and parents.

Intermediate Multiplication Dice by Koplow:
Yet another way to get those math facts down. This three pack of dice features two twelve faced dice with numbers 1-12 and one multiplication dice. Players roll the dice and complete the math problem, either mentally, or on paper, depending on their individual ability. Much better than minute math worksheets!

50 Fill-In Math Word Problems-
Fractions & Decimals;
Multiplication & Division by Scholastic:
( These workbooks are super popular in our home. Short, Mad Libs style fill-in-the-blank word problems allow kids to practice their parts of speech while creating their own math problems to solve. SO super fun. I’ve even witnessed my kids pull these out during downtime, just because.

Math for the Gifted Student, a Flash Kids workbook by Barnes & Noble:
( This is another favorite for us. Math for the Gifted Student is loaded with games, activities, and brainteasers all using math. The colorful pages and fun artwork make this workbook fun and easy on the eyes, all while challenging kids to think mathematically. Problems range from pretty easy to able-to-stump-adults. Good thing answers are included in the back!

On the Job Math Mysteries by Prufrock Press:
( The biggest complaint I had in math class as a child was “but I’m never going to use this!” Well, On The Job Math Mysteries shows just how useful math can be. Each page features a real world work issue that can be solved using math. This will be our first year implementing On The Job and Real Life Math Mysteries. I have high hopes for both!

Real Life Math Mysteries by Prufrock Press:
How many pallets of brick will I need to complete my new poolside patio? How many plants can I grow on my ten acre farm?  Much like the above mentioned On The Job Math Mysteries, Real Life Math Mysteries features the real world use of math to solve issues.

Process Skills in Problem Solving by Fan-Math:
( This workbook by Singapore Math focuses on problem solving and thinking skills for students. I like it for its small, portable size. I can throw it in my purse and pull it out while we are out. And the answers are in the back, which this mom REALLY appreciates.

Daily Word Problems Math by Evan-Moor:
( I find that word problems are especially challenging and thought provoking for children. This workbook offers one often tricky, multi-step word problem a day to solve, and one was all mine could handle!

Skill Builders Math by RBP Books:
Another small, helpful practice book with a variety of math and critical thinking problems with answers included in the back.

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