Good morning! Today’s topic is BIBLE FOR THE BUSY MOM. 

I thought we’d get really practical today. Because I could go on and on about how important knowing the Word for yourself is, but if you’re not sure how to fit that into your life, it doesn’t help much, does it? 

Maybe you have little ones to care for or perhaps you’re knee deep in homeschooling. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, “busy” is probably a word you could use to describe it. 

So how do we make time for study? The first thing I think we need to realize is that we tend to make time for what matters to us. Our daily lives usually show our true priorities. So if I find myself with the time to catch up on my favorite sitcom or blog post or to engage on Instagram, then I do have time. That can be a convicting realization. (And I understand that sometimes we don’t even have time for those simple pleasures). 

But I encourage you to really look at how you spend your time and how you might shift things so that studying the Word is a regular occurrence. In seasons where there isn’t a moment to spare, a Bible app with audio is so helpful. And there are some good sermon podcasts for listening as well (Grace To You, Truth for Life, and Renewing Your Mind are all good options). Hearing God’s Word and solid teaching as I cook, clean, and drive has been a HUGE help in my spiritual walk. (And don’t let interruptions discourage you. Whatever you catch over the noise of the day and the kids coming in to talk is better than nothing. #progressoverperfection!) And bonus, if you’re kids are with you as you listen, they’ll begin to absorb the Word too. It always surprises me what they’ve grasped from whatever I’ve had on audio. Which reminds me, why not read your Bible aloud to them, and start it young. Little ones love the sound of their mama’s voice. And older ones would probably appreciate a special snuggle time while mom reads. 

Come back for Part 2 later!

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