Hi friends! There’s a lot to cover today, so I’ll just jump right in. WHY IS THEOLOGY IMPORTANT?

So, why should a mom like me, a housewife of all people, be studying something like theology anyway?! Isn’t this topic best left to pastors and professors? Well, actually no, it’s not. Though those in formal teaching positions must have a good grasp on theology, it is the duty of every believer to study and develop their theology. But let’s back up a bit… What exactly is “theology “?
Theology is simply the study of God – Theo = God. Ology = the study of. 
 It’s been said that what one thinks about God is the most important thing about them. It will determine everything else in a person’s life. 
We could rightly say that everybody is a theologian, because everyone has thoughts and opinions about God. But not everybody is a good theologian.
Our theology can grow organically – through life experiences, the conversations we have with others, the books we read and the music we listen to, and the sermons and teachings we take in. Depending on the accuracy of all these things, what we think about God will be impacted either for the good or the bad. If we aspire to be good theologians, and as believers, we should, then we’ll want to be purposeful in our pursuit of truth. We grow and develop our theology firstly by studying God in His Word and learning Scripture well. And by guarding our hearts from information that contradicts that truth, while seeking information that furthers our understanding of that truth – like solid commentaries, theologically rich song lyrics, and books by authors proven to rightly handle God’s Word.

Come back later for part 2 of WHY IS THEOLOGY IMPORTANT?

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